Tickets online are currently available for travel until 31st December 2025 . For last minute bookings – tickets cannot be sold less than 1 hr prior to departure time. We will close the time slot 1 hr before.

Most likely it is sold out OR if it looks like a few dates in a row are blocked, we have preventative maintenance scheduled for the boat and unable to take passengers at that time.

Nusa Lembongan, Jungutbatu. Playgrounds Wave Lodge – 7am to 8pm.

Sanur. Asian Pantry, Matahari Terbit, Sanur – 6am to 9pm

You may book and pay for tickets here in cash or via debit card or credit card. Last minute tickets can only be sold no less than 1 hr prior to departure.

Boat crew cannot accept bookings at the departure locations.

The boat needs to prepare clearance documentation, administration, refueling, loading, unloading, logistics on either side of the destination. This takes time.

At the moment we are unable to directly answer messages via Social Media channels as we currently are bombarded with inquiries.

If you need assistance on the day of travel prior to boarding your scheduled Kai Koa trip;

Guest Services Lembongan – The WA number will be provided to guests via email the day before departure

Guest Services Sanur – The WA number will be provided to guests via email the day before departure

Sorry no, we have a very high numbers of messages we receive daily and all bookings need to be made through our website

Via our website

Make sure you complete all guest names that are traveling. These are required as part of Indonesian regulations and your booking may be cancelled if the full names and nationalities are not complete.

All of our availability and up to date pricing is live on our website. If you do contact us via email or WA we will refer you back to the website to check for your times. All times, availability and prices are subject to change. Think of our pricing like airline pricing – it will change based on availability and seats already sold.