We are a unique boat, 8 seats and fast. We are not a leisurely cruise type boat.
You may encounter some bumps on the trip. Our boat is suited to those who can handle a few extra thrills. If you prefer it slow and steady, best you take another boat


All of our availability and up to date pricing is live on our website. If you do contact us via email or WA we will refer you back to the website to check for your times. All times, availability and prices are subject to change. Think of our pricing like airline pricing – it will change based on availability and seats already sold.

Sorry no, we have a very high numbers of messages we receive daily and all bookings need to be made through our website

Nusa Lembongan, Jungutbatu. Playgrounds Wave Lodge – 7am to 8pm.

Sanur. Asian Pantry, Matahari Terbit, Sanur – 6am to 9pm

You may book and pay for tickets here in cash or via debit card or credit card. Last minute tickets can only be sold no less than 1 hr prior to departure.

Boat crew cannot accept bookings at the departure locations.

Via our website

Make sure you complete all guest names that are traveling. These are required as part of Indonesian regulations and your booking may be cancelled if the full names and nationalities are not complete.

Tickets online are currently available for travel until 31st December 2025 . For last minute bookings – tickets cannot be sold less than 1 hr prior to departure time. We will close the time slot 1 hr before.

Most likely it is sold out OR if it looks like a few dates in a row are blocked, we have preventative maintenance scheduled for the boat and unable to take passengers at that time.

At the moment we are unable to directly answer messages via Social Media channels as we currently are bombarded with inquiries.

If you need assistance on the day of travel prior to boarding your scheduled Kai Koa trip;

Guest Services Lembongan – The WA number will be provided to guests via email the day before departure

Guest Services Sanur – The WA number will be provided to guests via email the day before departure

The boat needs to prepare clearance documentation, administration, refueling, loading, unloading, logistics on either side of the destination. This takes time.



Regardless of age, all persons, all humans are the same ticket price. If babies or children need to sit on the laps of a guardian this is considered a person and we can only carry a maximum of 8 persons, 8 names


Yes. It is up to the guardian to make that decision if you would like them to ride with us and to research our boat as it is not like other boats. Even for adults, we know our boat may not suit all passengers.

We have welcomed many babies and children onboard in the past.


They can and you both will still need to wear life jackets. For infants, they will need to be in a baby carrier, it is unsafe to hold an infant on our seats without being in a baby carrier and hands need to be free to hold the seatt grip handles. Lifejackets will not be possible for an infant in a baby carrier, please consider this prior to booking.

The maximum weight for x 1 seat is 120kg. If you fail to advise us prior of the total weight for you and your child you will not be able to board.



We do not carry dive tanks, spear fishing items need to be in bags.

We do not carry flammable items. 


Passenger baggage is limited to x 2 suitcase/bags per person. If you have additional baggage please contact us prior, if the boat is not full we can accommodate extra, please ask first. A maximum of 2 surfboard bags per person or 1 Tripple Coffin bag. Note ALL surfboards must be in protective cases, it is at the guests own risk if they are not protected appropriately.


We are unable to take on any extra cargo.


Please see above.


All of our guest luggage is stored inside the cabin of the boat. We do not place any luggage on external areas where it may be subject to rain


No Show is 100% Cancellation Fee – inclusive of not arriving on time for departure or if you have simply booked the wrong ticket.

For changes if you have booked the wrong ticket – please see your confirmation email for the terms and conditions of changes.

Being late falls under the cancellation policy – the boat will not wait for late guests.

Refunds are only processed via the same payment method it was received on. If you have paid by card, we cannot issue you a cash refund.

All refunds are subject to an admin fee of 3%

If you have paid via our website, the credit cards are processed by a third party. If a refund is due, the application will be made to the 3rd party and it may take up to 45 days.

As the group organiser, by making payment it is understood you have accepted & explained this information to your group and agreed to any conditions during the booking process.

Cancellations 7 days to 48 hours prior to departure, 50% cancellation fee of amount paid + 3% admin fee.

Cancellations more than 8 days prior to departure, 20% cancellation fee of amount paid + 3% admin fee.

Private Charters are subject to different cancellation policies based on the destination. Information is provided on the charter invoices.

If you would like to change dates or times after payment has been made, there is a change fee of Rp50,000 per seat. Changes can only be made up to 48 hrs prior to departure.

Due to demand and limited seats on Kai Koa, if the trip is cancelled or you are wishing to change dates/schedule time within 48 hours of departure, the trip is non refundable/ non changeable to an alternative date/scheduled time.

Private Charters are subject to different change policies based on the destination. Information is provided on the charter invoices.

We are unable to offer changes or credits for any flight travel changes, flight delays, cancellations, traffic delays, change of mind circumstances or other – please refer to your travel insurance policy and we can provide you with a formal cancellation letter.


Sorry we are not the sunset cruise type of boat due to seating style. We do recommend you research an alternative boat. For snorkeling trips, at this time we are not offering this type of activity.



At this time we are only operating private charters to Gili Asahan & Gili Gede. All other Gili destinations will not be available in the near future. We do not have any plans at this stage to re-open any other routes to any other Gili islands.



Here are the links below.


Asian Pantry

Look for the white and yellow umbrellas, on the right side before the parking gates.


White Corner Café, Jungutbatu,

Once you arrive at the cafe, walk 50 metres towards the volcano and find the red wall warung. Kai Koa will depart approximately from here depending on sea conditions.


Transportation to and from your hotel/accommodation in Bali and Lembongan is not included, unless you have made direct alternative arrangements with us.

For a quote please email us with the following;

Flight Number / Arrival/Departure Time / Hotel name pick up/drop off / Number of persons / How many pcs of luggage / Surfboard bags

Our drivers are always in touch with the ground team at the departure points to advise of any additional traffic info and they are driving guests everyday to our locations.

Many external drivers are not familiar with the area and if there is traffic there can be detours which any private drivers or taxis will not know about.

Please remember just because you gave them the Google map location, does not mean they know how to navigate to the departure point.

Our teams are unable to assist to book you a gojek/grab/taxi due to local regulations.


Any medical emergencies we can only transport you if the request comes directly from the hospital and there is a doctor onboard. Please contact them directly and they will assist to communicate with us. We are unable to assist directly with transportation for medical conditions.

Any payments for medical evacuation and insurance requirements are handled directly with the passenger and hospital.



From past experience, we have never had any guest sea sick on our boat as they tell us the journey is too short, to become sick. However, everyone is different and there is a first time for everything. So, we cannot tell you 100% for sure if you will or will not get sick.


At the moment only Kai Koa offers this type of service and boat. We suggest as everyone as their own personal situations, health conditions and the rest, we recommend you complete your own independent research for alternative boats.


It’s possible if you are on the back seats or the seas get a little windy.

We do have ponchos on board if you are sensitive to water.



There is no other fast boat we know of with safety equipment for night driving like Kai Koa



Our night pricing starts from 6pm.

Note – depending on weather conditions departures and arrival points are subject to change. If you have paid for the boat and the night conditions are not suitable (high winds, rough seas), we may cancel your booking and you will receive a refund.


Infrared camera for night vision, 16 inch screens on both captain and crew side.

Radars to spot objects like other boats without lights well before they come into range on the infrared





Our boat capacity is 8 persons, regardless of any age, including babies, children, adults.

Please do not request to exceed this limit as we adhere to the Indonesian government regulations for our boat specification.

Please do not ask us to squeeze on extra people, please do not ask us to add a baby or child on a lap to exceed the occupancy. If a baby is on a lap then we have to run with 1 seat empty…

8 persons = 8 names.


If you fail to book or input the correct amount of persons including babies or children and you arrive with more people (regardless of any age), the persons unregistered with not be able to board. Do not assume babies and children can sit on laps without a ticket. All persons require a ticket.


Category: PAYMENTS

Once you make a booking online you will have 3 options

  1. Credit Card
  2. Bank Transfer (local Indonesian bank via Virtual Account)

If you have made a booking and have problems paying with your credit card, we can issue you with another credit card link via another method. Email us with your booking number

Please note – all bookings are subjected to being cancelled if payment is not completed within the 2 hour period once a booking has been made.

Cash payments can only be accepted at our ticket offices within the 2 hour period once a booking has been made.

Ticket office locations:

Nusa Lembongan, Jungutbatu. Playgrounds Wave Lodge – 7am to 8pm.

Sanur. Asian Pantry, Matahari Terbit, Sanur – 6am to 9pm

You may book and pay for tickets here in cash or via debit card or credit card. Last minute tickets can only be sold no less than 1 hr prior to departure.

Boat crew cannot accept bookings at the departure locations.



No animals of any type permitted onboard. Please do not send us a photo of how small or cute your animal is. No animals of any type permitted onboard


Our boat takes the waves, bumps and can be a rollercoaster at times. Animals cannot sit on laps as passengers need to be able to hold our hand rails for bumpy times. Animals cannot be placed in a seatbelt on a seat. They cannot go in a cage with luggage as this is completely unsafe.

Please do not send us a photo of how cute or small your animal is. As above. No animals permitted onboard


Please consider your arrival time, like you are boarding a plane and not turning up a few minutes before.

In Lembongan the meeting point is Jungutbatu. If you check White Corner café on the beach with Google Maps, walk a little further towards the volcano approximately 50 metres and find the Warung with the red wall. This is the approximate area depending on weather conditions.

You are required to be there 30 minutes prior. Depending on tides, we may need to shuttle you to Kai Koa by tender/scotchie if the tide is too low and unable to do a beach pick up. This could take up to 2 trips for 8 guests with baggage.

Thank you all in advance for being on time.

In Sanur, the meeting point is Asian Pantry.

You are required to be there 30 minutes prior. We need to issue you with a ticket, transport all guests luggage for the entire boat to the harbour prior to the guests boarding time, our crew need to walk you over to the harbour, go through the ticketing area, walk to the boat, provide a safety briefing and away you go.

You cannot meet directly at the harbour as you will not be able to access this area without a ticket.

If you are running late and need a to go coffee or beer for take away – call Asian Pantry to pre order in advance.


Category: PRICES

If you are a repeat guest and have travelled with us on more than 20 trips a year we can offer you a discount. Let us know

Category: PRICES

No. Seat tickets are the same for each human but we can offer repeat guest pricing for any person for their loyalty for traveling with us.

Category: PRICES

No. All are tickets are one way pricing

Category: PRICES


Category: PRICES

Ticket prices change depending on availability, dates & time of travel. 7am trips are usually less (starting from Rp275.000 per person, one way) compared to other times of the day. It can be up for Rp620.000 one way in high season

Think of it like airline seats where pricing will change depending on availability. We do not have set ticket pricing for each day or time.

To check ticket pricing you would need to visit www.kaikoaindonesia.com and enter your dates of travel & time.

Please note prices and availability are subject to change at anytime.

Category: PRICES

Higher, yes. Expensive no. Like everything you purchase, you get what you pay for. We are not a budget boat for those on a lower budget. We do not offer a budget boat or budget facilities and services.

We are the only operators in Indonesia that we know of with this type of boat licensed for public transport with the highest amount of safety equipment onboard.

We are the fastest, safest, efficient loading and unloading as we only have 8 seats. Consider this as a first class ticket compared with an economy ticket.




We wish we could also negotiate fuel prices with the government but we cannot.


Private charter destinations, we are only currently offering are these routes. If the destination is not offered below, we are not offering those locations at this time and we are not sure when we will be in the future.

Sanur to Lembongan | Penida

Serangan to Lembongan | Penida | Gili Asahan | Banyuwangi

If you have a specific private charter destination request, email us with the following

Departure Point

Departure/Return Date


Number of persons

Approximate Departure Time/Return Time


Category: SAFETY

No. The fuel tank is located below the floor deck.

Category: SAFETY

Yes. All passengers 25kg and above are given Internationally approved BLA slimline self inflating life jackets. Children and Babies 24kg and under are provided with inherently buoyant jackets. We only use imported USA or Australian approved life jackets for all passengers.

Category: SAFETY

Averaging between 30 to 36 knots, can be faster or slower depends on the weather and other conditions

Category: SAFETY

It is recommended you are hands free while boarding, during the trip and disembarking. Phones and any other loose items or devices; keep secure and in a waterproof bag. We are around water and sand, baggage may be subject to elements of mother nature and we are not liable for any damage or loss. 

Category: SAFETY

Sit back in your seat, facing front, do not lean forward or with your body facing on the side.

Do not place your feet on the back of the seat in front of you

Legs and arms to be kept inside

Do not place legs and feet on the sides of the boat

Do not use the seat like a rocking horse…

No smoking, no vaping, no glass onboard, no illegal activities

Category: SAFETY

Firstly, any travel of any kind whilst pregnant of any kind you need to seek the advice of a medical practitioner prior to travelling. Our seats onboard are suspension seats with suspension system for the bumps. We have taken pregnant passengers onboard however, it is up to the individual depending on how comfortable they are. If you have any hesitation we recommend you do not travel with us.

Category: SAFETY

Please seek the advise medical practitioner prior to travelling.

Category: SAFETY

Please seek the advise medical practitioner prior to travelling.

Category: SAFETY

Both of the captains are licensed with SKK 60 MIL and hav been 34years serving Kai Koa guests, they have extensive experience throughout the region and in athe most expetnesive range of conditions on Kai Koa

Category: SAFETY

Life Raft

The only CE Certified Hull operating in the region

Shock Mitigating Seats

Auto Inflating life jackets, baby and child life jackets.

Inflatable collars fro stability and anti-roll for extreme conditions

Fire extinguishers, Life rings, First Aid Kit

Category: SAFETY

It’s for your own safety in the event of emergency. You will not be able to ride if you decline a life jacket.


Category: TIMING

Leave with enough time to reach the departure point.

We will leave without you if you are late, wait wait one more time, we will leave without you if you are late…… There will be no refunds, changes and NO the ticket can not be credited to a later trip as we could have sold your seat to someone else…. We have advised to use our drivers only.

There can be heavy traffic at certain times, ceremonies, road closures.

Please review the conditions carefully once you have booked your ticket and arrive NO LATER THAN 30 minutes prior to your departure.

If you phone our guest services team to advise you are running late – the boat will still leave on time without you.


From your landing time, if you are coming off an international flight, we recommend you book a boat ticket 3 hours after this time, no earlier. This will allow enough time for immigrations, customs, baggage delays, traffic.

Category: TIMING

No. These types of transport are not permitted inside the harbour area.

We recommend you pre book a driver via our team who will be able pick you up from Asian Pantry

Our team in Sanur are unable to assist you with outside drivers, grab/goejk/taxi due to local Sanur regulations


Category: WEATHER

If only our crystal ball could see into the future. We may know a couple of days in advance if the swell will be big or if the winds will be strong, but mother nature will also change her mind.

The boats will only cease operating if the harbourmaster closes the waters which may only occur 2 to 3 days out of the entire year. We will only refund tickets due to closure of the seas, not if a guest changes their mind due to weather.