They can and you both will still need to wear life jackets. For infants, they will need to be in a baby carrier, it is unsafe to hold an infant on our seats without being in a baby carrier and hands need to be free to hold the seatt grip handles. Lifejackets will not be possible for an infant in a baby carrier, please consider this prior to booking.

The maximum weight for x 1 seat is 120kg. If you fail to advise us prior of the total weight for you and your child you will not be able to board.

Regardless of age, all persons, all humans are the same ticket price. If babies or children need to sit on the laps of a guardian this is considered a person and we can only carry a maximum of 8 persons, 8 names

Yes. It is up to the guardian to make that decision if you would like them to ride with us and to research our boat as it is not like other boats. Even for adults, we know our boat may not suit all passengers.

We have welcomed many babies and children onboard in the past.