Our drivers are always in touch with the ground team at the departure points to advise of any additional traffic info and they are driving guests everyday to our locations.

Many external drivers are not familiar with the area and if there is traffic there can be detours which any private drivers or taxis will not know about.

Please remember just because you gave them the Google map location, does not mean they know how to navigate to the departure point.

Our teams are unable to assist to book you a gojek/grab/taxi due to local regulations.

Here are the links below.


Asian Pantry

Look for the white and yellow umbrellas, on the right side before the parking gates.


White Corner Café, Jungutbatu,

Once you arrive at the cafe, walk 50 metres towards the volcano and find the red wall warung. Kai Koa will depart approximately from here depending on sea conditions.


Transportation to and from your hotel/accommodation in Bali and Lembongan is not included, unless you have made direct alternative arrangements with us.

For a quote please email us with the following;

Flight Number / Arrival/Departure Time / Hotel name pick up/drop off / Number of persons / How many pcs of luggage / Surfboard bags