Higher, yes. Expensive no. Like everything you purchase, you get what you pay for. We are not a budget boat for those on a lower budget. We do not offer a budget boat or budget facilities and services.

We are the only operators in Indonesia that we know of with this type of boat licensed for public transport with the highest amount of safety equipment onboard.

We are the fastest, safest, efficient loading and unloading as we only have 8 seats. Consider this as a first class ticket compared with an economy ticket.

No. All are tickets are one way pricing


No. Seat tickets are the same for each human but we can offer repeat guest pricing for any person for their loyalty for traveling with us.

If you are a repeat guest and have travelled with us on more than 20 trips a year we can offer you a discount. Let us know

Ticket prices change depending on availability, dates & time of travel. 7am trips are usually less (starting from Rp275.000 per person, one way) compared to other times of the day. It can be up for Rp620.000 one way in high season

Think of it like airline seats where pricing will change depending on availability. We do not have set ticket pricing for each day or time.

To check ticket pricing you would need to visit www.kaikoaindonesia.com and enter your dates of travel & time.

Please note prices and availability are subject to change at anytime.