Sit back in your seat, facing front, do not lean forward or with your body facing on the side.

Do not place your feet on the back of the seat in front of you

Legs and arms to be kept inside

Do not place legs and feet on the sides of the boat

Do not use the seat like a rocking horse…

No smoking, no vaping, no glass onboard, no illegal activities

It is recommended you are hands free while boarding, during the trip and disembarking. Phones and any other loose items or devices; keep secure and in a waterproof bag. We are around water and sand, baggage may be subject to elements of mother nature and we are not liable for any damage or loss. 

Both of the captains are licensed with SKK 60 MIL and hav been 34years serving Kai Koa guests, they have extensive experience throughout the region and in athe most expetnesive range of conditions on Kai Koa

No. The fuel tank is located below the floor deck.

Averaging between 30 to 36 knots, can be faster or slower depends on the weather and other conditions

Please seek the advise medical practitioner prior to travelling.

Please seek the advise medical practitioner prior to travelling.

Firstly, any travel of any kind whilst pregnant of any kind you need to seek the advice of a medical practitioner prior to travelling. Our seats onboard are suspension seats with suspension system for the bumps. We have taken pregnant passengers onboard however, it is up to the individual depending on how comfortable they are. If you have any hesitation we recommend you do not travel with us.

It’s for your own safety in the event of emergency. You will not be able to ride if you decline a life jacket.

Yes. All passengers 25kg and above are given Internationally approved BLA slimline self inflating life jackets. Children and Babies 24kg and under are provided with inherently buoyant jackets. We only use imported USA or Australian approved life jackets for all passengers.